How many missing teeth can Snap-on Smile replace?

How many existing teeth do you need to have to support a snap on smile?
- Linda from Ohio

It’s hard to just give a number of teeth that you need to support the Snap-On Smile. It depends on several factors that will vary from person to person.

To actually hold in the Snap-On Smile, theoretically you could do that with just two remaining teeth, if they were shaped in such a way that you could make the appliance snap well over them. But there’s an issue of how much stress are you putting on these teeth that are holding it. So it depends on how strong the remaining teeth are and where they are in the arch. They will be bearing the stress of all these other teeth. If they are all molars, for example, then they are in the very back of your mouth and you would have a lot of leverage that would tend to want to twist these remaining teeth from movement of the front of the appliance.

I haven’t heard this discussed any among other dentists or heard of other dentists’ experiences with the Snap-On Smile, so I’m somewhat taking a stab in the dark here. But I would say that if you have no more missing teeth than you have teeth left to support the appliance, you’d be safe. In other words, for a full arch replacement, which is fourteen teeth, if you have seven teeth present, you’d be safe in being able to do this. Beyond that, it would be a judgment call that would depend on these other factors.

I hope this is helpful.

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