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Welcome to the general dentistry section of the website of La Crescenta (Glendale) dentist Dr. Robert Thein. This section of the website focuses on general and cosmetic dentistry, including white fillings, crowns, teeth bleaching, root canal treatment, and other general dentistry topics.

A Focus on Your Comfort

This section of the website also focuses on comfort-related issues like sedation dentistry. More than anything else, Dr. Thein wants you to feel comfortable from the moment you walk into his office until you are done with treatment. To do this, he has first created a warm and caring environment where you will feel free to ask any questions and share any concerns.

He particularly wants to know if you are anxious about dental treatment. “Don’t worry about that,” he reassures you. “A lot of patients are anxious. We’ve worked with patients like you before. We want to help you.” So that there is no obstacle to your comfort, he makes the unusual provision of free oral conscious sedation. With a pill taken the night before and another right before your appointment, you may not even remember anything until you wake up with everything fixed. Read more on our Glendale sedation dentist page.

Dr. Robert Thein, board certified Glendale dentistGetting It Done Right

Dr. Thein also cares about your budget, and he knows that the most satisfying road to affordable dental care is to place work that won’t need to be redone – that lasts and lasts. You’ll notice his intensity and his seriousness about his work. He is constantly taking courses, staying abreast of the latest in dentistry. You’ll be able to tell he knows what he is talking about. He is determined to know as much as possible about everything he does.

And if you look at his bio, you’ll see a long list of credentials – extra training in general dentistry, complex reconstruction, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, implant dentistry, and sedation.

A Glendale Dentist Who Cares about You Personally

You’ll notice, when you walk into the office for your first appointment, that you’re the only patient scheduled for your time. Dr. Thein will devote his full attention to you while you are here. He’ll take time to get to know you personally and learn about your needs, preferences, fears, past experiences, budget, and anything else that may impact your care.

His Honesty with You

His objective is to get you healthy. Often in dentistry, there are various options for solving complex problems. For example, in replacing teeth, it is clear that dental implants would give you the most comfortable result. But that may be out of your budget range. If that’s the case, he will suggest bridgework or maybe a removable partial denture which could save you multiple thousands of dollars. Or there may be parts of your treatment that could wait a year or two, thus spreading out your payments. He will work with you to make it affordable if you’re sincere in wanting improvement.

A Dentist Who Cares After Your Treatment Is Completed

His caring doesn’t end when your appointment ends. After any significant treatment, expect a phone call from him. Are you comfortable? Do you have any unanswered questions? Do you need anything? He wants to know.

Browse through the website – there is a lot of content here about a variety of dental subjects. The website is divided into two main sections. This section covers general and cosmetic dentistry topics. The other section focuses on dental implants. Each section has its own menu across the top of the page.